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This is a blog. It’s not a news site. It’s not affiliated in any way with any organization or group or philosophy. There is no goal behind it. No great message. It’s just a blog.

The ideas and images expressed and displayed here are often my own, and occasionally those of others I have heard, read or come in contact with. None of the ideas are fully formed or carefully considered. It’s a blog… not a think tank.

I don’t work for any political, religious or activist group. I’m a member of a few – but not a very active member. If you read the blog you’ll probably figure out which ones. If you read the blog, you’ll also probably figure out the ones I’m not a member of. That said, this is my blog. Nobody is pulling the strings or suggesting topics or points of view.

Also, if you read this blog carefully and completely, you’re liable to find:
1] Things that insult or offend you. If you can’t handle it, there’s a nice “family values” blog out there somewhere for you. I’d probably find that blog insulting… but hey, to each his own.
2] That I contradict myself occasionally. As disturbing as that sounds, I have found that it is entirely possible that as I become more informed about a topic, my position on it changes. I know that this particular quality is considered grossly un-American (in this post-modern “Stay the course” era) and even has a derogatory term of it’s own now (“waffeling”), however I am comfortable with the idea of growth and the benefit of gained experience. If my waffling annoys you – tune in to Rush Limbaugh – you only need to listen once becuase it’s the same show every day. Me… my views are always expanding.

Finally, this isn’t a project for a creative writing class. I don’t use spellcheck and I rarely proofread. I save those tools for the things I have to produce at work. I don’t have to do this and so I don’t have to do it correctly – grammatically or otherwise. If you find that offensive… go hang out on a librarians’ blog.

That is all.

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