Power in the Hands of Weak Men

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So it’s no big secret that “Lovely” and I split up. And it’s no big secret that I stopped blogging here b/c I felt that too many people I knew were reading it. And it’s no big secret that I have had things I wanted to say for quite awhile – things I was just too kind to say in non-anonymous forum.

Well the big secret is out. And I guess the “Big Man” and his friends feel good and bad all at the same time. Yeah. You found my blog. Congratulations.

I’ll tell you the same thing I told my mother. You don’t want to know – don’t read it. You obviously (you and your very technically savvy friends) did a hell of a lot more than read it. I hope you enjoyed every single lurid detail. I hope you’re living it up, and living it over and over again.

Go ahead. Call a lawyer. Sue me for defamation and parading bad moral character out into public.

Just remember this; having a life – such that it is – isn’t a felony and isn’t a disease, and frankly… it’s a hell of a lot more satisfactory than the last few years of living with you.


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